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Teachers and Teaching

Teachers at all levels of the education system play a central role in creating curious and creative learners. Teachers are also key to educational change and school improvement. Yet in some countries across Europe, the teaching profession faces a severe crisis, with competent teachers leaving the system within five years of beginning their professional careers. In other places it has been difficult to recruit teachers to work in inner city schools where there are major social problems.
The teaching profession has also faced considerable changes. In some parts of Europe the idea of the autonomous professional has increasingly been replaced by outcome and performance-based measures, whilst in other places, teachers’ professional knowledge and judgements have been supported by a systematic approach to research-based professional learning.
The restructuring of schools, the composition of the curricula, or the development of benchmark assessments, are of little value if they do not take teachers into account.
What kinds of teacher competences which stimulate student achievement?
What kinds of accountability structures between teachers, families and the system add value to teacher and the learner?
How might teachers be innovative in their own teaching and learning, and have this recognised and rewarded by the system?

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