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NESSE provides a series of professional development seminars to European Commission staff.  The following seminars have already taken place:

  • Seminar 1: Research, Policy and Practice in Education and Training
  • Seminar 2: Education, Training, Inequalities an Social Exclusion
  • Seminar 3: Fostering Innovation – The role of Education and Training
  • Seminar 4: Education and MigrationChallenges for European education and training systems and strategies for integration, social inclusion and social cohesion
  • Seminar 5: Cancelled
  • Seminar 6: Achieving Equality in Practice : Some challenges for policy-makers
  • Seminar 7: Perspectives on New Governance Models for Education and Training and their Implications
  • Seminar 8: Priority Strategies to Combat School Failure and Early School Leaving
  • Seminar 9: Education and the Integration of Migrant Children
  • Seminar 10: Cultivating Talent: Educating for Creativity and Innovation
  • Seminar 11: Teachers Touch Lives: Improving the Quality of Teacher Education in Europe
  • Seminar 12: Education and Student Well-Being
  • Seminar 13: Which Citizen for which Europe? Complementarity and Conflict between the Economic and Social-Cultural Aims of Education and Training
  • Seminar 14: Gender and Education
  • Seminar 15: Get those brains into gear! Creativity and innovation in and through VET
  • Seminar 16: Light the fire within. How to foster creativity and innovation in pre-schoolers?
  • Seminar 17: Early school leaving. The silent epidemic
  • Seminar 18: Curriculum vs Creativity
  • Seminar 19: Cycles of Disadvantage: Poverty, Education, Inequalities and Social Exclusion
  • Seminar 20: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage
  • Seminar 21: The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone
  • Seminar 22: Education and Disability / Special Needs
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