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CERME 7 - Seventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education
Nature : Congress/Symposium
Organizer : YERME Meeting (Young European Researchers in Mathematics Education
Date : from 2011/02/09 to 2011/02/13
Country : Poland
Venue : Rzeszów
Language : English
Relevance : European-wide
Topics :
  • Research, Policy and Practice
  • Training, Work and Lifelong Learning
Short description :
CERME is the Congress of ERME, the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education, and is designed to foster a communicative spirit. CERME deliberately and distinctively moves away from research presentations by individuals towards collaborative group work. Its main feature is the Thematic Working Group whose members work together on a common research domain. Groups will have about 12 hours over four days in which to meet and progress their work. Conference participants are expected to work within just one group. In addition, there will be plenary activities and poster session.

There will be 17 Working Groups at CERME7: - Group 1: Argumentation and proof Chair: Viviane Durand-Guerrier (France) - Group 2: Teaching and learning of number systems and arithmetic Chair: Susanne Prediger (Germany) - Group 3: Algebraic thinking Chair: Jeremy Hodgen (UK) - Group 4: Geometry Teaching and Learning Chair:Alain Kuzniak (France) - Group 5: Stochastic thinking Chair: Dave Pratt (UK) - Group 6: Applications and modeling Chair: Gabriele Kaiser (Germany) - Group 7: Mathematical potential, creativity and talent Chair: Roza Leikin (Israel) - Group 8: Affect and mathematical thinking Chair: Marilena Pantziara (Cyprus) - Group 9: Mathematics and language Chair: Maria Luiza Cestari (Norway) - Group 10: Cultural diversity and Mathematics Education Chair:Paola Valero (Denmark) - Group 11: Comparative studies in Mathematics Education Chair: Eva Jablonka (Sweden) - Group 12: History in mathematics education Chair: Uffe Thomas Jankvist (Denmark) - Group 13:Early Years Mathematics Chair: Götz Krummheuer (Germany) - Group 14: University mathematics education Chair: Elena Nardi (UK) & Paola Iannone (UK) - Group 15: Technologies and resources in mathematics education Chair: Jana Trgalova (France) - Group 16: Different theoretical perspectives and approaches in research in mathematics education Chair: Ivy Kidron (Israel) - Group 17: From a study of teaching practices to issues in teacher education Chair: Leonor Santos (Portugal)
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