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Catholic University of Sacred Heart
Department of Psychology
Largo Gemelli 1 - 20123 Milano

CRESTE is "CREative and Strategic Thinking  Enhancement. The acronym CRE.S.T.E. is an Italian word that means "ridges", "peaks".

CRE.S.T.E. devises assessment and training materials and procedures - addressed to individuals, companies and institutions - to empower planning, problem-solving, inventing and decision-making.

CRE.S.T.E. was created thanks to the overlap between the Cognitive Psychology Laboratory and the Service of Learning and Educational Psychology (SPAEE) of the Department of Psychology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milano.

The Cognitive Psychology Laboratory provides CRE.S.T.E. with the research tools and findings which can support and validate the testing and training methods employed. SPAEE provides CRE.S.T.E. with the expertise and the learning settings useful to implement the training courses.

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