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Institut de Recherche sur l'Éducation (IREDU)

UMR 5225 CNRS/Université de Bourgogne
Pôle AAFE - Esplanade Erasme - B.P. 26513
F - 21065 Dijon Cedex (France)
(0)3 80 39 54 50

IREDU developed as an Institute of Research in Education : Sociology and Economics of Education.

In Sociology of Education :

• Social inequity in schools : the crucial factors at individual and
contextual levels
• Performance of academic institutions and school classes :
school-mix and pupils’ achievements
• Empirical analysis of school performances
• Global approach in studying educational systems and regulations
• Effectiveness and equity of educational systems
• International evaluation and comparison of educational policies

Current projects :

• Theories in justice and inequity in schools : inequity in the
distribution of resources, teaching conditions and academic
opportunities ; the perceptions of the inequity by teachers in
Europe ; the internationalisation of meritocraty in France
• Effectiveness of educational innovations
• Educational aspirations and school choices ; the relationship
between schools and families

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