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International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching

Ms. Daniela Hotolean, ISATT Administrator,
The University of Reading,
IT Services, Whiteknights,
PO Box 220, Reading, UK
+44 (0)118 378 6959

 The purpose of ISATT is to promote, present, discuss and disseminate research on teachers and teachning and contribute to theory formation in this field in order to gain more insight into these aspects of education, add to knowledge, and enhance the quality of education through improved teaching and forms of professional development at all levels of education.

Research on teachers and teaching in schools and higher education encompasses  several perspectives.  These include:

  • teachers' purposes, beliefs, conceptions, practical theories, narratives, histories, stories, ‘voice'.

  • teachers' intentions, thought processes and cognitions, personal practical knowledge.

  • teachers' emotions, thinking and reflection as aspects of professional actions.

  • teachers' thinking and action as influenced by contextual factor in their structural, cultural and social environments.

  • workplace teaching and learning.

A central intention for this research is to focus on the way teachers themselves understand teaching and their own roles in it.  Research is not limited to studying what teachers do but tries also to understand how they think and feel about what they are doing and the cultural contexts in which their work is embedded.  Consequently, research is individually as well as socially, psychologically and culturally based

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