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Professional Knowledge

Sverker Lindblad
University of Göteborg,
Education Department
+46 31 773 2511
International project funded by European Commission

Objectives :
- To produce an improved knowledge base on professional knowledge and organisation of work in education and health in Europe.
- To present comparisons of professional work and life in different European contexts within and between the professions of teaching and nursing.
- To achieve a more developed view of professional knowledge in the fields of teaching and nursing as a basis for the development of organisational, professional and educational strategies by the professions as well as administrators and policy makers.
- To describe, analyse and evaluate current restructuring in education and health in different parts of Europe from the point of view of teachers and nurses and their experiences from their interaction with clients.
-To inform the public and professional discourse on integrating and segregating tendencies in education and health sectors in Europe.
- To inform teacher education and nurse education programmes about the practical professional knowledge at work among professional actors in the changing fields of education and health in different European contexts.
- To contribute to the integration of the European research arena.

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