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Ronald G Sultana and Michael Kuhn (eds.) (2006)

Homo Sapiens Europæus? Creating the European Learning Citizen

New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., Oxford, Wien : Peter Lang

In many ways, education mirrors society by reflecting changing and emergent goals and values as well as by contributing to both the reproduction and production of particular life forms. In the context of the formative project «Europe,» education is called upon to play an increasingly central role, one that is responsive to particular images of the European Union and to its aspirations and goals. The widespread conviction is that education and training will re-invigorate ailing economies, and that, in the context of globalization, national and regional competitiveness will only prevail if there is a qualitative continued improvement in human capital. This volume critically examines such claims, considering the ways in which learning is being constructed across Europe and the implications this has for notions of democratic citizenship and education.

- Michael Kuhn: Towards the European Society
- Michael Kuhn/Ronald G. Sultana: Introduction: Creating the European Learning Citizen - Which Citizen for which Europe?
- Roger Dale/Susan Robertson: The Case of the UK: Homo Sapiens Europæus vs Homo Quæstuosus Atlanticus? European Learning Citizen or Anglo-American Human Capitalist?
- Palle Rasmussen: Danish Learning Traditions in the Context of the European Union
- John Field/Mark Murphy: Governance and the Learning Citizen: Tensions and Possibilities in the Shift from National to Post-national Identities
- António M. Magalhães/Stephen R. Stoer: Knowledge in the Bazaar: Pro-active Citizenship in the Learning Society
- Gabriele Laske: The Modification of Learning through Cultural Traditions and Societal Structures
- Mark Stuart/Ian Greenwood: National and European Policies for Lifelong Learning: an Assessment of Developments within the Context of the European Employment Strategy
- Ewart Keep: The Main Actors in the National Action Plans on Employment - Who can Bring Forward the Education and Training Dimension of the NAPS?
- Odd Bjørn Ure: Lifelong Learning for Civic Employees and Employable Citizens?
- Terri Seddon/Suzanne Mellor: Making Citizens: From Belonging to Learning
- Andy Green: Models of Lifelong Learning and the Knowledge Economy/Society in Europe: what Regional Patterns are Emerging?
- Anja Heikkinen: Manufacturing the 'European' in Education and Training - Dominique Ulma: The European Dimension in Teacher Training in France: Squaring the Circle?
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