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Tarja Irene Tikkanen

IRIS - International Research Institute of Stavanger
P. O. Box 8046
N-4068 Stavanger, Norway
(+47) 51 87 50 03

The three main research areas are: 1. Lifelong learning and competence development in the context of work; 2. School development through workplace learning and organisational development; and 3. Learning and innovation.

Major projects:

  1. Competence Management CM ProWork Transfer. 2008-2010. Norwegian partner. Coordination: Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. Innovation Transfer/Leonardo da Vinci, European Commission.
  2. Les for livet! 2008-2010. Researcher & competence partner. Municipality of Suldal with a support from the Norwegian Directorate of Education.
  3. Project-based learning. 2007-2009. Competence and innovations development in a university-industry-research cooperation. Co-Researcher, IRIS. Norwegian Research Council & Seabed Rig.
  4. Training Older Persons - Pioneer Model Usable For Older Adult Trainers (TOP+) 2007-2009. Partner, IRIS. Leonardo–project/European Commission.
  5. RELFUS - Regional learning network and competence development at schools in Rogaland 2005-2007, under the Norwegian School Reform “Kunnskapsløftet”. Project Manager, IRIS. Municipality of Sandnes.
  6. Ageing and health in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (Aldring og helse i oljeindustrien), 2003-2006. Researcher, IRIS. Norwegian Research Council.
  7. Evaluation of the ‘Manifesto against bullying’, 2003-2004. Project Manager, RF. The Norwegian Board of Education (Utdanningsdirektoratet).
  8. International Comparative Research on Women’s Lifelong Learning. 2001-2003/2004. Researcher (until October 2002), NVI. Coordinator: The National Institute for Educational Policy Research & National Women’s Education Centre of Japan (NWEC). The Ministry of Education and Science, Japan.
  9. Working Life Changes and Training of Older Workers (WORKTOW). 1997-2000/2001. Project Coordinator, University of Jyväskylä & NVI. TSER (IV Framework), European Union.

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