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Jerry Andriessen

Department of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences
Utrecht University Heidelberglaan 1 – Room H046
2565 CD Utrecht, the Netherlands


In progress

LEAD: Problem solving through face to face networked interaction in the classroom. (European 6th framework, December 2005-2008). Wouter van Diggelen, Maarten Overdijk

KP-Lab: Knowledge-practices Laboratory. (European 6th framework, February 2006-2011). Patrick Sins, Crina Damsa.

Twins: Knowledge Construction during Computer supported collaborative writing (PhD-project, june 2000-2007) Lisette Munneke


DUNES: Dialogic and argumentative negotiation educational software (European 5th framework, IST-2001-34153; march 2002- sep. 2004). Wouter van Diggelen, Maarten Overdijk

COLIN: La production des connaissances a Partir de Sources en Ligne: processus individuels et collaboratifs (CNRS, France, 2002-2003). Denis Alamargot, David Galbraith

SCALE: Internet-based intelligent tool to Support Collaborative Argumentation-based Learning in secondary schools (European 5th framework, IST 1999 10664, march 2001-2004). Marije van Amelsvoort, Ria Jissink

EC-COLE: Interface design effects on coordination and regulation of collaborative writing (NWO 490-23-063d, september 2000- march 2005) Chiel van der Puil

Telematics in higher education (1996-2000). Yola Claasen, Greg Ball.

Computer supported collaborative learning through argumentation (PhD-project, 1996-2000). Arja Veerman

Argumentative text processing (collaboration with Poitiers University, 1992-2002). Pierre Coirier

Minimal principles for narrative text construction (Dissertation, 1985-1991)

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