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Claudio Dondi

via Val D’Aposa 3
40123 Bologna
+39 051 6560401


Claudio Dondi, born in Modena in 1958 and an industrial economist as a university background, is the President of SCIENTER – a non-profit research organisation based in Bologna and active Europe-wide in the field of innovation of education and training systems – since its establishment in 1988. In this position his main activities are the co-ordination of large national and European projects, as well as policy advice and evaluation at regional, national and international level. His other positions include: Member of the Board of the MENON EEIG (enabling eLearning) in Brussels, Member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of ODL, President of EFQUEL – the European Foundation for Quality in eLearning


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  • C. Dondi, Maybe learning at home, but not alone: how ict can support the building of learning communities, 21-23 March 2001, Eskilstuna – Sweden.

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