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Tom Shuller and Tracey Burns (eds.) (2007)

Research and Evidence in Educational Policy-making: New Challenges

Paris : OECD

Part 1 The Evidence Agenda: the issue and why it is important <br>

Secretariat paper from Tracey Burns and Tom Schuller<br><br>

Part 2 Methodological Issues: what counts and should count as evidence<br>

Two papers focussing on the following questions, followed by a dialogue between the authors:<br>
- Is there a (single) hierarchy of evidence? (Tom Cook, USA)<br>
- Why is there not more mixed-method research? (Stephen Gorard, UK)<br>

- What’s changed in debate in last ten years (Albert Tuijnman, LUX)<br><br>

Part 3 Mediating the Research/Policy Interface: the role of brokerage agencies<br>

Brief case studies of a selection of such agencies in education<br>
- What Works Clearinghouse (US), Bob Baruch<br>
- EPPI Centre (UK), David Gough<br>
- Iterative Best Practice Synthesis (NZ), Adrienne Alton-Lee<br>
- Canadian Council on Learning (CAN), Charles Ungerleider<br>
- Knowledge Chamber (The Netherlands)<br>
- Danish Clearinghouse (Denmark)<br>
- Social Care Institute of Excellence (UK), Bill Kilgallon<br><br>

Part 4 EbPR in practice: examples from the field<br>

- Satya Brink (CAN)<br>
- Hannele Niemi (FIN)<br>
- Andrew Pollard (UK)<br>
- Dvid Hogan (Singapore)<br><br>

Part 5 The importance of using evidence effectively in education policy<br>

The politician’s perspective<br><br>

Annexe: - useful sources and weblinks

Upcoming Publication : Spring 2007
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