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Jenny Ozga, Terry Seddon, and Tom Popkewitz (eds.) (2006)

World Yearbook Education 2006: Education and Policy

London : Routledge

This volume considers the ways in which educational research is being shaped by policy, across the globe. Policy effects on research are increasingly influential, as policies in and beyond education drive the formation of a knowledge-based economy by supporting increased international competitiveness through more effective, evidence based interventions in schooling, education, and training systems.<br><br>

<li>What consequences does this increased steering have for research in education?
<li>How do trans-national agencies make their influence felt on educational research?
<li>How do national systems and traditions of educational research - and relations with policy - respond to these new pressures?
<li>What effects does it have on the quality of research and on the freedom of researchers to pursue their own agendas?
The 2006 volume of the World Yearbook explores these issues, focusing on three key themes:
*Globalizing policy and research in education<br>
*Steering education research in national contexts<br>
*Global-local politics of education research<br><br>

The 2006 volume has a truly global reach, incorporating transnational policy perspectives from the OECD and the European Commission, alongside national 'cases' from across the world in contrasting contexts that include North and South America, Canada, France, Singapore, China, Russia and New Zealand.
The range of contributions reflect how pervasive these developments are, how much is new in this situation, and to what extent evidence-based policy pressures on research in education build on past relationships between education and policy.

Education Research and Policy considers the impact of the steering processes on the work and identities of individual researchers, and considers how research can be organized to play a more active role in the politics of the knowledge economy and learning society.

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