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Tom Schuller, Wim Jochems, Robert Moos, and Agnès van Zanten (2006)

Evidence and Policy Research

European Educational Research Journal vol:5 n°1 : p. 57–70

The EERJ roundtable took as its point of departure the experience of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development?s (OECD) Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) in carrying out policy research. CERI has conducted four reviews of national educational research and development (in New Zealand, England, Mexico and Denmark), and has run a number of meetings specifically on the use of evidence-based policy research (in the USA, Sweden and the Netherlands). Tom Schuller, Head of CERI, presented some conclusions from these and other CERI activities. Responses were made by Wim Jochems, Open University of the Netherlands, Lejf Moos, Danish University of Education, and Agnes van Zanten, Observatoire Sociologique du Changement, CNRS, Paris. The EERJ Roundtable was an opportunity to return to the issues raised in the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) 2003 Hamburg Roundtable on the OECD Examiners' Report on Educational Research and Development in England (European Educational Research Journal, 3(2), 2004, pp. 510?526) in a wider context and as part of a trend to evaluate the quality and organisation of educational research, and its contribution to educational policy.

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