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Stanislav Stech

Univerzita Karlova v Praze
Katedra psychologie
UK-PedF, Rettigové 4
11639 Praha 1
+420 2 21 90 05 47

Stanislav Stech is Professor of Educational psychology at Faculty of Education (Pedagogicka fakulta) – Charles University in Prague. He is the Head of the Dept. of Educational and School Psychology since 1993 and vice-rector of the Charles University for development since 2003.
He received his PhD. (1984) and Ass.Prof. (1992) at Charles University in Prague on the basis of his research work in the field of social and educational psychology. He is Professor since April 2007. He published  two monographs, and more than 100 articles, chapters and papers in scientific journals and books. Publications are in French and in English as well.
Stanislav Stech is a member of the editorial board of Pedagogika (1994-2003 chief editor), the most important peer-reviewed Czech Journal of educational science (founded in 1950); abroad he is a member of editorial board of the French Recherche et Formation review, member of the international committee for Biennales de l'Éducation et de la Formation. The member of committees of The Czech Association of Educational Research (CAPV), The Czech and Slovak Republics Association of School Psychology, The Czech Society of Psychology etc.
The topics his work covers research in educational constructivism - the results were published in a monograph on psychological assumptions and consequences of the movement of Éducation Nouvelle Schools (1992). Empirical research focuses on three main topics: students relationship to knowledge and learning; parents/teachers/students communication triangle; teaching profession.  During the last years he is oriented on the interpretation of school socialization from the cultural psychological and social perspective. From this perspective he investigates the issue of justice and equality in schooling.


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